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  1. Test of an bigger emergency call in the game. A fire at an rest station cafe on the Autobahn A8 just before Munich.
  2. Engine of the works fire department arrives at an container fire:
  3. Small emergency vehicle at an oil spill: HLF at an garbage fire: I have completed my watertank, limited equipment and ba logic. At the moment there are about 50 different tools you can use to complete different tasks! Soon i will make another video showing the new changes.
  4. Assen modificatie

    Looks very good. But i would rework the texture of the supermarket. Looks pretty flat.
  5. Some map impressions: New Vehicles: Vehicle for high angle rescue Autoren: ERS, Geronimo EKIA, Niederwallufer Foam tanker Acts: Flkalley, Geronimo EKIA, rd_saarland Vehicle for small technical emergency's Acts: ERS, Geronimo EKIA, flkalley 2 Vehicles from the municipal works used for emergency's with gas and electrical applications Acts: NNICO, ERS, Florian Hagen, Bastian, Mibblitz, Geronimo EKIA, MadMonk Current patrol car from the Bavarian state police Acts: TimmeyX, Stormi, BFE, Sarah Some new Videos: Oil spill at the Autobahn First video showing the ambulance functions Reworked the functions for the main firefighting vehicle in Munich
  6. Support vehicle with BA. Its used by the volunteer firefighters. Acts: ERS, Geronimo EKIA Map impression of a building site: Automatic fire alarm:
  7. Units of the Munich Fire Department and the Bavarian police on the Autobahn A94 at an oil spill.
  8. I reworked the Engine completely: Authors: DrShooter234456, Chidea, rd_saarland, geronimo_ekia, FlorianB., dnm
  9. ------------ Munich is with about 1,5 million inhabitants Germany's third biggest city and the state capital of Bavaria. The city is famous in the whole world for the Oktoberfest and it's football club FC Bayern Munich. Here are some EMS vehicles of the City: LF 16/12 - Volunteer Fire Department Munich Division Trudering Fl. Trudering 40.8 Original: www.ffw-muenchen.de/ausruestung/fahrzeugpark/loeschgruppenfahrzeug-lf-1612/ ​ ​ ​ ​ Creators: MadMonk, BFEMP, Mibblitz, Nikolas, Stingray, 911Lukas911, Saugschlauch, Geronimo EKIA, Florian B. -- LF 20 KATS - Volunteer Fire Department Munich Division Oberföhring Fl. Oberföhring 41.1 Original http://www.ffw-muenchen.de/ausruestung/fahrzeugpark/loeschgruppenfahrzeug-lf-20-kats/loeschgruppenfahrzeug-lf-20-kats-manlentner/ ​ ​ ​ ​ Creators: Waegi, MaltaBerlin, Goya, Florian Hagen, TimmeyX, JonathanS, ERS-Berlin, Janku , Nikolas, Saugschlauch, Geronimo EKIA, DrShooter234456 -- SW2000 - Volunteer Fire Department Munich Division Trudering Fl. Trudering 58.1 Original: www.ffw-muenchen.de/ausruestung/fahrzeugpark/schlauchwagen-sw-2000/ ​ ​ ​ Creators: BFEMP, Geronimo EKIA -- HLF 20/16 - Full Time Fire Department Station 1 Fl. 1.40.1 Original: www.ffw-muenchen.de/ausruestung/fahrzeugpark/hilfeleistungsloeschfahrzeug-hlf-2016/ ​ ​ ​ ​ Creators: DrShooter234456, Leitstelle-Nord-Ost, Florian Heinsberg, Waegi, xaviberlin, Chidea, Carli96, Eagle`s Eye, Geonimo EKIA, dnm, Florian B. -- MVG Unfallhilfswagen U-Bahn Original: http://bos-fahrzeuge.info/einsatzfahrzeuge/119947/Muenchen_-_Muenchner_Verkehrsgesellschaft_-_Unfallhilfswagen ​ ​ Creators: VPI, mibblitz, Geronimo EKIA -- Ambulance - Full Time Fire Department Station 1 Fl. 1.71.1 Original: http://bos-fahrzeuge.info/einsatzfahrzeuge/129651/Florian_Muenchen_0171-01 ​ ​ ​ Creators: Stormi, Florian Hagen, Fireguy, Geronimo EKIA, BFEMP -- GW IuK- Volunteer Fire Department Munich Division Sendling Fl. Sendling 17.1 und 17.2 ​ ​ ​ Creators: NNICO, Mibblitz, Geronimo EKIA, BFEMP -- ASB KIT Notfallseelsorger Sama München 10/5 ​ ​ Creators: NNICO, Geronimo EKIA, Kassi89, BFEMP -- ELW - Full Time Fire Department Station 1 Fl. 1.10.1 ​ ​ ​ Creators: NNICO, Geronimo EKIA, BFEMP -- Inspektionsdienst - Full Time Fire Department Station 1 Fl. 3.1 ​ ​ Creators: NNICO, Geronimo EKIA, BFEMP -- DLK 23/12 - Full Time Fire Department Station 1 Fl. 1.30.1 ​ ​ ​ Creators: Flkalley, Geronimo EKIA, BFEMP -- Full Time Fire Department Station 1 ​ ​ -- Emergency Doctor - RW Südwest Fl. NEF Großhadern ​ ​ ​ Creators: rd_saarland, Geronimo EKIA, BFEMP​​ -- Works Fire Service Kraus Maffei Fl. Kraus-Maffei 71/1 Original: http://bos-fahrzeuge.info/einsatzfahrzeuge/1516/Florian_Krauss-Maffei_7101/photo/91455​ ​ ​ ​ Creators: ERS, Geronimo EKIA, Florian B., Niederwallufer​​ -- MZF - Volunteer Fire Department Munich Division Trudering Fl. Trudering 11.1 Original: http://bos-fahrzeuge.info/einsatzfahrzeuge/130770/Florian_Muenchen_Trudering_1101​ ​ ​ Creators: NNICO, Geronimo EKIA, Florian B.​​ -- CBRN Erkundungswagen - Volunteer Fire Department Munich Division City Centre Fl. Mitte 96.1 ​ ​ Creators: ERS -- CBRN Erkundungswagen - Full Time Fire Department Station 7 Fl. München 7.96.1 ​ ​ Creators: ERS, GeronimoEKIA -- 31 of the 50 regular ambulance in Munich: Creators: Stormi, Florian Hagen und SJonny; Florian Hagen, SJonny, Stormi, DrShooter, Geronimo EKIA, RK-1000, Bayreuther, MadMonk;
  10. Units of the Munich fire service were called today to an vehicle fire at an allotment garden. The cause of the fire is unknown, criminal police is investigating.
  11. Autobrand A16 Rotterdam

    Looks perfect, though i can only understand the alarm call to the car Please do more reports like that, i really enjoy them!
  12. The map is finally finished. Only small adjustments have to be made. Some new areas and a small overlook: Paper recycling area You can use a wheeled loader to disperse the pressed papers! Completely new done garden center Old New New volunteer firefighter station They have very limited equipment but are still capable to put out smaller fires on their own (if there is any water source nearby) Map overview: I'm searching for someone who can translate from German or English to Dutch! You will get "early access" to the mod but you will need skype to communicate with me.
  13. I have reworked some cars: Reworked some map areas: New gas station at the federal highway: New agricultural trade post, fits the map better than the tire service from mission 02: Regards
  14. Thanks for your feedback! Some more recent images for you. Small quarry: More winery: ​​ Some lumber action in the forest: ​​
  15. Some new vehicles have made their way into the mod! Mobile water cannon for the Volunteer Firefighter Germersheim which is towed by their tanker ​ ​ The first police cars are also ready, here mostly older bavarian police cars. The Mini Cooper is not activly used in patrol service and is only used by the press spokesman of the police but still can be used in the mod. ​​ Now on to some screenshots from traffic accidents. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Crashed vehicles must be secured before they can be opened and can have multiple trapped persons inside.