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  1. Showroom 112HV

    the license plates are terrible
  2. Vakwerk en rieten huisje set

    Version 1.0


    Half-timbered and thatched house, be found in the area of North and Baltic Sea ENG - Half-timbered and thatched house, be found in the area of North and Baltic Sea. - Only for official use in Emergency3, Emergency4 (+ Deluxe), and 9/11 First Responder! - Painting is yours, modeling is forbidden, without scaling the model! - Mention me, the author (BASTIAN), in ReadMe's by release! A mention under/ on each screen's is free. - Working files inside archive. Includes a East Prussia-Kaliningrad version (former Königsberg, today's Russia in front of the northern border to Poland). easter sunday 02:00 pm MEZ, 2015-04-05 BASTIAN notice: a upload with the intern uploader had every time an error, maybe less letters for archives
  3. [Download] Federal Signal LM400 LED

    I still search it.
  4. duitse mods

    You are sure with Bamberg? I have 2.0 become sending last days. I don't know, but it was not sorted, all mixed, and by loading BTD. I have give it a kick for this. But maybe i have become an strong selfmixed and bugged version.
  5. [Download] Federal Signal LM400 LED

    Anyone can refresh this download, maybe an newer version within inlay?
  6. Ah, okay. Thank you! Only the size of the Vito/ Viano issn't correct, it must be downscaled.
  7. [Download] Federal Signal LM400 LED

    Firequi, bitte lade sie nochmal hoch. Oder gibt es bereits eine verbesserte Version davon? Grüße!
  8. Is it an real EOD of netherlands?
  9. Showroom Bart

    I'm mean only the army vehicle, not the KMAR.
  10. Showroom Bart

    Hi! I like what i can see, but i don't like the army vehicles, specially the MB G 40. I remember me... i've seen that over years and everytime on germanys greatest NATO-parade ground in federal state lower saxony (Ostenholz, Bergen). The model isn't good, but it's not your wrong. Some a few words: "I like it!"
  11. Maybe you forgotten authors at latest screens?