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  1. LA Mod 2.0 4x4 Submod

    Download Mod Released: March 13 2014 Los Angeles Mod v2.0.12 4x4.e4mod - Alternate Scripts: Ambulance Fix Spawn 1 Paramedic and 1 Stretcher Crew for ALS Ambulances. Spawn 1 EMT and 1 Stretcher Crew for the BLS Ambulances. These 3 scripts need to be placed in the scripts folder(scripts->game->commands) overwriting the two that are in there. Do this after installing patch 7. Download: Ambulance Fix Fire Station 1 now housing 2 Paramedic Assessment Engines(1 Medic/3 EMTs rather then 2 Medics/2EMTs) and 2 BLS(4 EMTs) Engines now with LED lightbars.Battalion Chief, EMS Capitan, Swift Water Rescue, Large Rescue Ambulance which I have renamed Rescue 7 and serves strictly as a Large Walk In Rescue, and over to the side is the Heavy Rescue Crane. Here is the new ALS Engine(Engine 17 an USFS Truck reskin), the Tower Ladder which spawns in place of the Hazmat truck(Hazmat may be stationed at FS1 in the future), Battalion Chief 2(may be reskined to show Batallion2 text in the future), EMS Supervisor Dodge Charger, and LED Brush Truck. Here you get a look at the LASD Station which has parking for three units. Next we have the LAPP(LA Port Police) Station. It has room for three LAPP Squad cars and prisioners can be dropped off here by LAPP Squad cars The three parking spaces from infront of the LAPD Station were moved in back. Prisoners now enter the back door. There is room for thee swat trucks(Swat SUV, Bear, Bearcat) behind the two large Heavy Rescues. Also shown are the LAPD SWAT Heavy Rescue and LAPD Bomb Squad Heavy Rescue. The ATF NRU can park here as well and now has bomb squad personnel and robot on bored. Check out the mod for more changes and enjoy!
  2. LA Mod 2.0 4x4 Submod

    http://4x4submods.tk/lamod4x4.php Update!
  3. LA Mod 2.0 4x4 Submod

    http://4x4submods.tk/index.php?id=LWS-Coming-to-LA-Mod-2.0-4x4-Submod http://4x4submods.tk/lamod4x4.php Get the latest update here! Enjoy the LA Mod with Limited Water Supply!
  4. Well I wanted to wait for a proper release but here is the most recent BETA version. This means...there are some known bugs. If I ignore bug reports, do not take it personally. This is a beta release and bugs are expected. Over all, this is very stable. Some engines and units serve as place holders for the final models. So things may not be 100% accurate in terms of models at this time. Some units are missing unit images, and such. Some scripts are still being tweaked. That said you should be able to enjoy this with out much issue.This is the only beta version that will be posted, hints the donation rewards mentioned above! The final version will likely be hosted on my dedicated server allowing fast downloads and have very little wait time and nice installer..although technically the mod installer works great, just sucks at compression. Download: Download - Full mod featuring 2 Medics per Ambulance. Download - Full mod but ambulances are staffed with 1 Medic and 1 Stretcher Crew. And now for some info!!!!!!!! I am not going to release all the details just yet! Little by little! So what can we expect from this project? ALOT!!!!!!!!! New models, new call buttons, some new features based on classic features we all know and love! First, lets start out with some info on the po-lice! 1. A new LAPP Crown Vic was added with a nice pretty LED lightbar. 2. A new LAAP Chevy Tahoe complete with LED lighting package courtesy of the light guru himself CFD! 3. SPAWNING! - Don't you hate how you have to take time to send out PD units to various points of the map? Forget it! 3A. Both LAPP Crown Vics will be spawn at the LAPP station and staffed at the start of the game! 3B. LAAP Crown Vic and Tahoe will will spawn at the LAAP station and staffed at the start of game! 3C. A CHP unit(undecided which one of the three) will spawn on the freeway and be staffed at the start of the game! 3D. All of the above units have specially designated patrol paths. The LAPP wil patrol in and near the port. The LAAP will patrol near the airport(sadly they patrol a bit further out then I would like but I kept them as close as possible to the airport)! 3E. After the units above have spawned, they will automatically start patrolling after a few seconds!
  5. [center][img=http://i.imgur.com/MyDfQUt.jpg][/center] This is a beta release and bugs are expected. Some engines and units serve as place holders for the final models. So things may not be 100% accurate in terms of models at this time. Some units are missing unit images, and such. Some scripts are still being tweaked. That said you should be able to enjoy this with out much issue.The final version will likely be hosted on my dedicated server allowing fast downloads and have very little wait time and nice installer..although technically the mod installer works great, just sucks at compression. [size=5][b]Download:[/b][/size] Beta 3 [url=http://www.filesonthe.net/CVkyf]http://www.filesonthe.net/CVkyf[/url] [b][color=#ff0000]This mod requires [/color][url=http://forum.emergency-planet.com/files/file/508-narcos-lights-pack/][color=#ff0000]Narco's light pack[/color][/url][color=#ff0000]. [/color][/b][color=#ff0000][i]If you are getting [u]white boxes[/u] where the lights should be, it means that the light pack was not installed properly (if at all). It also requires these extra coronas: [/i][/color][url=http://www.filesonthe.net/CVk3M]http://www.filesonthe.net/CVk3M[/url] Please replace the contents of the OP with the contents of the code tags. Thanks!
  6. How can I get permission to be able to edit my op?
  7. Maybe, maybe not. Keep guessing, like I said 2 out of 3 gets you access to the latest beta. 3 out of 3 might make you part of the team! Sorry for the inconvenience, just disable your scanner for a moment. The link is perfectly safe and simply redirects to dropbox.
  8. Congrats to Grumpy91 as being selected as an offical beta tester but I am wathcing for possibly one more tester. For those still having the white boxes on the ambo: It also requires these extra coronas: http://www.filesonthe.net/CMoFJ New beta coming soon for testers and hopefully a public beta this weekend with atleast one much requested feature. The first person to guess the two for sure features coming will get access to this private beta release! I have a third feature in mind but am waiting on permission! If you guess all three correctly I might just make you an official beta tester but the third one is going to be pretty hard to guess but is already present in a popular rural mod on EMP.
  9. LA Mod 2.0 4x4 Submod

    You know where to submit bug reports.
  10. LA Mod 2.0 4x4 Submod

    EDIT Wrong thread
  11. I will look around and let you guys know who I pick soon. Sorry I haven't gotten back to you guys sooner, life gets crazy sometimes plus I didn't have a solid high speed Internet connection, but things are looking up so stay tuned!
  12. A new beta has been posted for beta testers. Any bilingual members interested?
  13. Thanks for the support guys! What would you like to know? Bassicly looking for some one with or with out skills but they must be a member in good standing with the comunity. Basic skills would be a plus though. Just another person to bounce ideas off of and help test for bugs and help make sure this comunity stays up to date with the latest news.
  14. LA Mod 2.0 4x4 Submod

    I now have the donwloads hosted on my own server with a website(WIP) that you can download them from. http://4x4submods.epicgamer.org/index.php Would a mod please repleace the links in the OP with this one link? It says I don;t have permission to use this forum.
  15. Hey guys I been on a bit of a hiatius here. I just got burnt out and dealing with real life and the ups and downs of life in general. Slowly but surley getting back in the swing of things. Well trying to! Right now the biggest hold up is getting the fire station gates functioning properly, and waiting on models to be completed. Note I did say biggest hold ups. I have some new ideas I am trying to bounce off my beta testers right now(still hoping to find some one respectable on this forum who can speak Dutch and English). I need to make some tweaks and so on.
  16. Thanks for the small vote of approval. :)/> I have had my other project completed for like 3 years or so. Got ONE $20 donation. If I got donations I wouldn't need things like linkbucks. Nor do I ask for donations. I simply say they would be appreciated. I dare you to find people who have donated, because only one exists. If other people donated don't you think they would step up and argue this? Like I said, prove me wrong..Furthermore, I have been up right and forth coming about making money, so why would I lie? This isn't a get rich quick scheme.
  17. Porn ads should not be an issue, and this allows me to generate a very small amount of revenue, hints the ads. I wont spare you the details but I am on really hard times and never recieve donations for the countless hours I have slaved over my projects.
  18. LA Mod 2.0 4x4 Submod

    Sorry, links fixed now!
  19. I have done extensive editor work to traffic lights and redid the "streets" from scratch because w00ds did not properley connect them in the editor. This helps with units not getting confused on going to certain locations like the came ground(if say you call USFS off the map). Dropbox has bandwidth limits. I may revert to Mega but thanks for your patience guys!
  20. I am using a german based private socks proxy so you may be on to something. I have found a semi nude add from billionuploads. I contacted them with my concerns. Can you link me to the ad in question to make sure itds the same one. Thanks for the inturctions. I am in the process of looking for a new host. Yes but I could not post in the Mod in progess section so this was the second best forum for it. I assume we need /x amount of posts before starting threads in that section. I have an older submod I will post to. On a side note the biggest thing i need feedback on is traffic! Please let me know how traffic goes! If there are any respected modders who would like to join the team that can speak both Dutch and English drop me a PM. Only going to acept one person though. I might be willing to acept some one with out modding skills if they are still a respected member.
  21. My apogies. I have not experienced this personally. Perhaps because my ad blocker blocks the porn. I will look in to this first thing in the morning. I am sick and need sleep ATM. The file itself is just an e4mod installer created by the mod installer. It is clean as can be. As I said let me get some sleep and will look in to it asap.