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Screenshots from my projects

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Still goes on:

W.I.P automated fire extinguishing build up, according to bavarian firefighting performance test.

Some commanding units on screen:
em4201507227k0zg2ufnp.png Edited by Alex

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Munich is with about 1,5 million inhabitants Germany's third biggest city and the state capital of Bavaria.

The city is famous in the whole world for the Oktoberfest and it's football club FC Bayern Munich.

Here are some EMS vehicles of the City:


LF 16/12 - Volunteer Fire Department Munich Division Trudering

Fl. Trudering 40.8

Original: www.ffw-muenchen.de/ausruestung/fahrzeugpark/loeschgruppenfahrzeug-lf-1612/


Creators: MadMonk, BFEMP, Mibblitz, Nikolas, Stingray, 911Lukas911, Saugschlauch, Geronimo EKIA, Florian B.




LF 20 KATS - Volunteer Fire Department Munich Division Oberföhring

Fl. Oberföhring 41.1

Original http://www.ffw-muenchen.de/ausruestung/fahrzeugpark/loeschgruppenfahrzeug-lf-20-kats/loeschgruppenfahrzeug-lf-20-kats-manlentner/


Creators: Waegi, MaltaBerlin, Goya, Florian Hagen, TimmeyX, JonathanS, ERS-Berlin, Janku , Nikolas, Saugschlauch, Geronimo EKIA, DrShooter234456




SW2000 - Volunteer Fire Department Munich Division Trudering

Fl. Trudering 58.1

Original: www.ffw-muenchen.de/ausruestung/fahrzeugpark/schlauchwagen-sw-2000/


Creators: BFEMP, Geronimo EKIA





HLF 20/16 - Full Time Fire Department Station 1

Fl. 1.40.1

Original: www.ffw-muenchen.de/ausruestung/fahrzeugpark/hilfeleistungsloeschfahrzeug-hlf-2016/


Creators: DrShooter234456, Leitstelle-Nord-Ost, Florian Heinsberg, Waegi, xaviberlin, Chidea, Carli96, Eagle`s Eye, Geonimo EKIA, dnm, Florian B.




MVG Unfallhilfswagen U-Bahn

Original: http://bos-fahrzeuge.info/einsatzfahrzeuge/119947/Muenchen_-_Muenchner_Verkehrsgesellschaft_-_Unfallhilfswagen


Creators: VPI, mibblitz, Geronimo EKIA




Ambulance - Full Time Fire Department Station 1

Fl. 1.71.1

Original: http://bos-fahrzeuge.info/einsatzfahrzeuge/129651/Florian_Muenchen_0171-01


Creators: Stormi, Florian Hagen, Fireguy, Geronimo EKIA, BFEMP




GW IuK- Volunteer Fire Department Munich Division Sendling

Fl. Sendling 17.1 und 17.2


Creators: NNICO, Mibblitz, Geronimo EKIA, BFEMP





ASB KIT Notfallseelsorger

Sama München 10/5


Creators: NNICO, Geronimo EKIA, Kassi89, BFEMP




ELW - Full Time Fire Department Station 1

Fl. 1.10.1


Creators: NNICO, Geronimo EKIA, BFEMP




Inspektionsdienst - Full Time Fire Department Station 1

Fl. 3.1


Creators: NNICO, Geronimo EKIA, BFEMP




DLK 23/12 - Full Time Fire Department Station 1

Fl. 1.30.1


Creators: Flkalley, Geronimo EKIA, BFEMP




Full Time Fire Department Station 1





Emergency Doctor - RW Südwest

Fl. NEF Großhadern


Creators: rd_saarland, Geronimo EKIA, BFEMP




Works Fire Service Kraus Maffei

Fl. Kraus-Maffei 71/1

Original: http://bos-fahrzeuge.info/einsatzfahrzeuge/1516/Florian_Krauss-Maffei_7101/photo/91455


Creators: ERS, Geronimo EKIA, Florian B., Niederwallufer




MZF - Volunteer Fire Department Munich Division Trudering

Fl. Trudering 11.1

Original: http://bos-fahrzeuge.info/einsatzfahrzeuge/130770/Florian_Muenchen_Trudering_1101


Creators: NNICO, Geronimo EKIA, Florian B.




CBRN Erkundungswagen - Volunteer Fire Department Munich Division City Centre

Fl. Mitte 96.1


Creators: ERS




CBRN Erkundungswagen - Full Time Fire Department Station 7

Fl. München 7.96.1


Creators: ERS, GeronimoEKIA




31 of the 50 regular ambulance in Munich:


17769f6ce7195eda29981e70cc8ad7a1.th.png d01cfd6778323d71401f3804377b5930.th.png

Creators: Stormi, Florian Hagen und SJonny; Florian Hagen, SJonny, Stormi, DrShooter, Geronimo EKIA, RK-1000, Bayreuther, MadMonk;

Edited by Alex

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I absolutely love the Munich fire department and it's great to see them being made by you! Keep it up

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I reworked the Engine completely:


9af196b4b0007952da873a8c72f2a305.th.png 7ddf445f039ba9a6eae083d1b163565d.th.png 99334968722f0281c14b392bafab2d07.th.png


Authors: DrShooter234456, Chidea, rd_saarland, geronimo_ekia, FlorianB., dnm

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Units of the Munich Fire Department and the Bavarian police on the Autobahn A94 at an oil spill.


7dafb836ce30d631639ee9d18e992382.th.png e908c6793c17dbb4349470d0f091d56e.th.png bb19e7bc68ffbc98cb3b4c0e26091afd.th.png 45764c6ceb51f1904a9bae809ca3bf5b.th.png ef18dcd6a060c2c4e6f70dc80753aeea.th.png

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Support vehicle with BA. Its used by the volunteer firefighters.


0bc0d3ce17725b173bf00be769b342e2.th.png 8b478fe2cd992679ecf88059d5cbd940.th.png 0ef88b082df3247e6aacdb18fbd6c75a.th.png
Acts: ERS, Geronimo EKIA


Map impression of a building site:


234298d4c57c92dbb40d1c1480b0a04f.th.png 81f71e6d8fc1f0cb83b23071a3ab7a3c.th.png 36e63fdb2ab950d3f46c67d058f693eb.th.png 9fe1968792fa873a65257c037f84258a.th.pngefe0fcc7a46f9d2c788ed4f3b563aa0d.th.png


Automatic fire alarm:


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Some map impressions:


c9b607c0390060f9d6396d7a59e569fe.th.png 1c0b1091b174a02172721521bc991efd.th.png 4cdd0173327ca043cf792a2b10f6c2bc.th.png a7b348f39365248fdbd482fd95ea53ae.th.png


New Vehicles:


Vehicle for high angle rescue

935153dbfd292c280cc07b77394a5735.th.png 5ec63a069237923311a36284d566e292.th.png

Autoren: ERS, Geronimo EKIA, Niederwallufer


Foam tanker

699fb9a8f5d6ce70edc49af594b8d7c2.th.png 950ba1329327c726c084c1a87b5a3bc5.th.png 7265ac6bd983bf3b0b15293009bab9c7.th.png

Acts: Flkalley, Geronimo EKIA, rd_saarland


Vehicle for small technical emergency's

daa0da7ae3e291a87afeaae563792d10.th.png 49e73f43dc107288d6ba582229c32468.th.png 60bded8b2f0b1e46dc59879c62107274.th.png426a71884fa51d13be37799695db4817.th.png

Acts: ERS, Geronimo EKIA, flkalley


2 Vehicles from the municipal works used for emergency's with gas and electrical applications

d8ec5fa0cb5606dab73d5a860a08c54e.th.png d358953e983355e70838ef9ff7301fc8.th.pngc6778ad59656d696fc2ac457c430fdd0.th.png 2e1f6b56112812896824144a94078b51.th.pngeb21fbe80591a0276071bf60f27c998a.th.png

Acts: NNICO, ERS, Florian Hagen, Bastian, Mibblitz, Geronimo EKIA, MadMonk


Current patrol car from the Bavarian state police

6e2309412ac0c14843ab9754f022a31f.th.png f81d5b95ed8e21cf0e50848850beb49c.th.png

Acts: TimmeyX, Stormi, BFE, Sarah


Some new Videos:


Oil spill at the Autobahn


First video showing the ambulance functions


Reworked the functions for the main firefighting vehicle in Munich

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I follow your work also on the German forum and it keeps amazing me what you pull of here. The scripting, map details and vehicle details are absolutely fantastic. Keep up the great work!

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Small emergency vehicle at an oil spill:

ef1e5bbe2f239108cc425740e771dcd9.th.png 318d30ce01c360ccefa25e77bf640da7.th.png 4ba3f47d20bd6b2967bd791032698d31.th.png


HLF at an garbage fire:

7f3ecb79d89571fb6eca6f6c308ff7a0.th.png 0841f96d8c6d49ddf9def4e3b87a86f3.th.png cdd2994adf0f76e05bb8d270979dd70c.th.png 06162e4a6078f4f0d0f3e88376900e19.th.png


I have completed my watertank, limited equipment and ba logic. At the moment there are about 50 different tools you can use to complete different tasks!

Soon i will make another video showing the new changes.

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It looks incredible! Unbelievable what you are creating, love the level of detail!

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Test of an bigger emergency call in the game. A fire at an rest station cafe on the Autobahn A8 just before Munich.

cc268a4325be838559720b2491ae4dff.th.png 0acbe6234c33a2f4858e09b2ca239da9.th.png 7d3b92c6d57f76f27eedcf6b4f0fbb41.th.png

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