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My fictional side project - Fictional Mod "Germersheim"

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I have reworked some cars:

4487cc3f4f45ac26085d643e19672673.th.png c4f2b4d41a3b8a3e7291af5aaab661d9.th.png aee4d1f69e8c3ba53acd11db8c057da6.th.png 3c12075221f40948bbabb2c4d1555d0b.th.png

f9b548736d19ba55e5d34c112f466c35.th.png c1573f7a3586de4b4cc16b7acfa6d6f8.th.png


Reworked some map areas:


4e09557c46bbe72dfc9cc1db52aabe37.th.png 5b6ea747464906b1f79934b8abdc523c.th.png 0c0d24b835eb31add61e5133fc644e49.th.png 5f564e74910afa7fca9155b326c76cf1.th.png 0fc7ddc45b1c9d4984fc0b9db6a8a01e.th.png 8deee494461e4bd595197dd6a97a26e6.th.png 875ab0ed057ac584e7600b49fc0de1e6.th.png


New gas station at the federal highway:


ca6a28bec1ffa8ae40d1499edfe40856.th.png 182b576cdee72b54c00beca1c5293cf3.th.png e5ace35e5d44dd533b81ab7cddd8ea7b.th.png eb4c98358991347e8d00dee60fcb1246.th.png


New agricultural trade post, fits the map better than the tire service from mission 02:


bb490d3df3206d81bc938024045e40e7.th.png 0817312936d3b551a93b98ba97affe2c.th.png 36bb684a97d7bb3ce9e472be213218ff.th.png bb82aa8ef5c547bf0410c17d36191cc0.th.png 3e51088f91b00bedb840ca5ff79ccf73.th.png



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It looks really awesome, you have such a high level of detail on your map, really incredible!

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The map is finally finished. Only small adjustments have to be made.

Some new areas and a small overlook:


Paper recycling area


You can use a wheeled loader to disperse the pressed papers!


Completely new done garden center

Old :(



New :D


cab590c1b767ac33fd7bc1162fdf6c37.th.png 5739ab4460ea66145d96aa19ac8709bf.th.png


New volunteer firefighter station



They have very limited equipment but are still capable to put out smaller fires on their own (if there is any water source nearby)




Map overview:


6f37849b9d7d26d84a3c86571f6fb629.th.png5788099ab3dbfd54a6ab1bf60f71aa6c.th.png21f916f57252ac3a608d1a6bc1df93fd.th.png 808fc4e50dafaf4363392ff17c808861.th.png 3dc732d29c54622834add2d14e31f241.th.png 1bc3dd872457e4c6bb0c4bd2f0ee2e6d.th.png 99e3f13b2000b76d4ae6de3d223f167b.th.png abaebd7506b909780b36787b9078197d.th.png752830e5e38c8d627efdbe57d3d77478.th.png


I'm searching for someone who can translate from German or English to Dutch! You will get "early access" to the mod but you will need skype to communicate with me.

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