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Problem with starting the game

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I have a problem with starting 911: First Responders. When it tries to start the game it starts but after about 5 seconds it turns off by itself. The game is started immediately after installation and no modifications are made.
I have had this kind of problem for about a week now and I cannot find the right solution or the cause of the problem.

What I did:

Start the game in compliance mode - Negative result
The game has been uninstalled and reinstalled - Negative result
Check the consistency of the game files and start the game - Negative Result
Uninstall new updates - Negative result
Uninstall newly uploaded drivers - Negative result
Install the latest drivers - Negative result
Install the latest system updates - Negative result

I would ask you to help me find the potential cause of the error and to help me solve the problem.

Thank you all in advance for your help.

I greet

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